Devils Advocate Wine making process at McBride Sillig Marlborough vineyard


Devil's Advocate Red 100% Cabernet Franc| McBride - Sillig Vineyard
Devil's Advocate Red 100% Cabernet Franc | McBride - Sillig Vineyard


To mark the 20 year anniversary of our vineyard establishment, we have produced a RED 100% Cabernet Franc, from a few select rows in 2012. To meet with its success, we are now releasing our 2014.

Our 100% Cabernet Franc red wine will satisfy the demand of our actual and future customers, who want something different. We are sure it will develop a loyal following.

As for the name, a Devilís Advocate is one who argues against a cause or position to determine the validity of said argument. Originally used by the Catholic Church when beatification was proposed.

As you can see on the label, we are examining life over a glass of our Devilís advocate, as Plato famously said: "An unexamined life is not worth living".

We harvested the fruit on April 12th 2014 at 23 brix

Tasting notes for Devilís Advocate 2014

The fruit was soaked, then fermented in stainless fermenters and then raised in barrels for 12 months. We used old barrels because we wanted the benefits of barrel aging without the masking influence of oak.

The result is a complex single vineyard wine, born from mature 20 year old vines.
Classic, light La Loire style Cabernet FRANC and character, aroma of red fruits bouquet: plum, sour cherry and blackberry, dried herbs and violets. Nice ripe tannins with a velvet smooth finish.

You probably know that "to be someone's Devil's Advocate" means to take the opposite position in a discussion to prove a point. So the story behind the label is: Donald and I (you might have or have not recognised that the 2 people are Donald and me) have both been brought up to not just accept blindly what we read, hear or are told, so we discuss everything and on the label, we are being the Devil's Advocate over our wine and, for once we both agree?..that it is a great wine!

Ideal with meats (grilled and in a sauce), pasta, lasagne, tomatoes, salads and cheese and desserts (chocolate, fruit cakes, sorbets...).